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Our services include:

  • Facilitation.
    Ian has twenty years experience designing and facilitating workshops in creative ways that provide a satisfying outcome for client and participants.

  • Conference design and chairing.
    Based on sound psychological principles, Ian designs conferences and workshops that are refreshingly different, highly participatory and extremely enjoyable. The clients are delighted.

  • Skill development workshops.
    Ian conducts workshops for clients on the enhancement of innovation, strategic planning, meeting skills and techniques (See ‘Productive Meeting Techniques’), team development and leadership.

  • Social research and evaluation.
    With an academic path that parallels his professional practice, Ian is an experienced social and organizational researcher and evaluator. See Papers, Reports and Publications for examples of this work.

  • Conference presentations.
    In the recent past, Ian has conducted three significant pieces of research on the topic of innovation. (See Papers, Reports and Publications). These have attracted considerable media publicity, resulting in Ian being invited to present his findings and recommendations at over twenty regional, state, and national conferences.
  • Productive Meeting Techniques ®

    Great ideas can come from anyone
    How to hear and say more while talking less.

    Would you like your meetings to be more productive? Would you like to halve the time or double the output of your meetings?
    Would you like your people to look forward to the meetings?
    Would you like to attend meetings that are fun and creative?

    Have you ever attended a meeting or conversation where ...
    1. There was no clear agenda or where people did not stick to it
    2. People waffled or got off track
    3. Where one or two people dominated while quieter people said nothing
    4. Where decisions did not get made, or were made without considering all information
    5. Where you really wondered if you wanted to attend the next meeting, given that you had better things to do with your time

    These experiences are common and result in groups self-destructing, despite a great reason for being.

    Unfortunately, none of us have ever been taught how to have an effective conversation or meeting. So we just bumble along, doing as those around us do, repeating the very shortcomings that frustrate us.

    Now imagine a meeting where the following occurs:

    1. There is clarity about why we are here
    2. Everyone’s point of view is heard and respected
    3. Nobody disagrees with or talks over another person
    4. Decisions are made with efficiency and wisdom.
    5. People feel personally committed to proposed actions.
    6. The whole meeting takes substantially less time than normal.
    7. People leave the meeting with a sense of achievement and enjoyment, looking forward to the next meeting.


    Yes, this is possibly quite different from what you may have experienced. And yes, it works - beautifully. The processes are fun, efficient and build good relationships. They work effectively in any sized group, from three people to three hundred. ‘Productive Meeting Techniques’ work for any purposeful meeting, whether that meeting occurs in a business, an organization, club, association, or community. The skills of ‘Productive Meeting Techniques’ are simple and very easy to learn, even though they may be different to your past experience.

    Once you are exposed to the process, it is hoped that you will regard it as possibly the most effective way to conduct a meeting, particularly one that is democratic rather than autocratic. If this is too bold a hope, then it will be sufficient for you to be aware that there is another way, one that people who use it find immensely satisfying.

    The skills are very easily acquired. Participants at a ‘Productive Meeting Techniques’ coaching workshop get to practice the skills on topics of their own choosing. The result for your organisation will be greater participation, greater commitment, more creativity, more shared responsibility and more fun.

    I’d be happy to conduct a coaching workshop for you or for members of your organization, community, club, or association. Alternatively, I can facilitate any special meeting, forum, or workshop where there is potential for disharmony, or where speed and clarity of thinking and decision-making is required.

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