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Some recent assignments ...

  1. Research into the nature of innovation in 8 rural towns and 6 rural industries.
  2. Research into the nature of innovation in organizations, both public and private sector.
  3. Evaluation of the Building Rural Leaders Program, Dept of Primary Industries (DPI), Qld.
  4. Co-design and delivery of the Advanced Building Rural Leaders Program, DPI
  5. Design and delivery of "Meetings without Discussion®", "Time Management", "Project Management" and "Open Space" workshops.
  6. Conducting of market research focus groups.
  7. Design and delivery of three/four-day management team development workshops for a govt agency.
  8. Design and delivery of "Introductory Leadership" and "Advanced Leadership" workshops for primary producer groups.
  9. Design and delivery of a seven-day AusAID-funded action learning program for 15 visiting senior Indian watershed officers.
  10. Design and facilitation of an 11-day AusAID-funded action learning workshop on watershed management in Bhopal, India.
  11. Design and delivery of a series of continuous improvement workshops for Brisbane City Council.
  12. Mediation between a major food processor and three primary producer suppliers and development of a partnering agreement for single-desk marketing of fresh and processed product.
  13. Family meetings to improve communication and resolve conflict.
  14. The design, conduct, analysis and reporting on a Statewide employee survey for a Government agency.
  15. Evaluation of a sector of a Queensland tertiary institution.
  16. The establishment of 15 self-managed beef producer groups across northern Australia.
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