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What our clients say

Here is some of the feedback that our clients have left us over the years:

  • The objective nature of the facilitation melded the group to open up more due to the fact that a team member wasn’t in charge. Allowed a lot more to come out than what I thought would. Overall I thought it was an excellent workshop, the most productive one I have been to so far.

  • Absolute strength - effective facilitation style of Ian. Adaptable, easily interfaced with current work environment and evidence based with sense of real examples.

  • Well done! Good pace. Kept it moving. Great tools, strategies. Loved the way you demonstrated tools practically.

  • Fun, easy style of delivery. Difficult concepts presented simply and clearly.
  • Some excellent ideas for people management skills that can be applied across all levels from home to local committees to business.

  • Brilliant presenter – I learnt a lot about delivery as much as anything else.

  • Excellent day all over. Very well delivered. Ian answered the questions and comments from the group well. Some great training ideas and tips that I can take back to the coal face. Thank you Ian.

  • Pace-good & snappy-intersection between thinking, writing, discussing and presenting.

  • This is the 3rd workshop of Ian’s that I have been to and I was not disappointed. Overall an excellent Day. Thanks Ian.

  • A large part of what makes [our group] work is the way we are set up for success. The initial meetings involve a workshop with Ian Plowman on “Co-operative Conversations”. The results of the first 1-2 workshops are respect for all group members’ knowledge and experience, as well as an understanding of how to conduct democratic meetings where everyone contributes. The process works – it is unique and to my knowledge none of us had seen anything like it and we are nearly all people who are involved in a lot of groups. The result seems to be firstly that we have come to know each other better and respect each other so that we enjoy coming together, and also that when we come together our meetings are to the point, don’t waffle, are meaningful and we feel not only satisfied but that we have achieved something.

  • Your work with the group has had an enormous impact and has been very much appreciated by all stakeholders.

  • Over the past six months, you have been remarkably successful in working with the Steering Committee to facilitate the achievement of their goals. Under your guidance, the Committee has been able to make real ground in establishing the collaborative venture, as is evidenced by the jointly-funded business model consultancy. To no small degree, I believe the success of the series of Steering Committee meetings is due to your ‘Co-operative Conversations ‘approach, which has provided the group with the tools needed to make decisions in an informed, inclusive and efficient fashion.

  • Great process. If only we had had it years ago.

  • Thanks again for your facilitation input. You high level of dedication and professionalism is to be commended. On a personal level, it has been a real pleasure working with you.

  • Just to update you on what’s been going on here since your visit: for staff meetings, we now use your ball system, timer and also have a sheet of paper for the "Rabbit Paddock". It works amazingly well and makes our meetings run so much more smoothly and also cuts down the time meetings take up.

  • Probably one of the most productive workshops I have attended; well organized, well run, ON TIME.

  • Every person was able to have input and their thoughts were always recorded exactly as they wanted. Toys on the table stopped any boredom. No one spoke over the top of anyone else. Principles were straight forward and effective and we can use them now too.

  • I learnt new skills in listening to what other people have to say and valuing their opinion.

  • We had a meeting with 23 people looking at safety issues. Using your process, what would normally have taken us a day took us only two hours and everyone was very happy.

  • Silent conversation was an excellent model. This has worked superbly. A well considered and presented tool.

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